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  • Smart Home

    The Smartest Homes on the Block

    There’s no flying cars yet, but many of The Jetson’s futuristic devices have already arrived. Innovations like video phones are commonplace, but how about the real-life version of Rosey, the robotic housekeeper? Even though she doesn’t exist now, these smart home appliances are bringing Miami one step closer.


    Putting Your Home on Your Phone

                Miami homes are getting smarter than most. Just last year, Magic City ranked fourth on realtor.com’s “Top Ten Markets to Find Smart Homes.” And, with the latest luxury condo developments outdoing themselves, it won’t be long before Miami ranks first.
    These days the iRobot (a vacuum robot) has become a household name, partially due to videos of pets taking a ride. June OvenThe iRobot features an automatic mop to tackle bathrooms and kitchens. So even parties, pets and kids can’t mess up your squeaky clean home.

    You can easily automate your morning caffeine fix with the Smarter Coffee machine (or iKettle for tea). This little miracle occurs through an app that tells the brewer exactly when and how much to start brewing.

    As for meals, The June Oven basically cooks dinner for you. This computer-based, counter-top appliance combines elements of a toaster, microwave and regular oven, while applying high-tech temperature control. There’s also a built-in camera to keep watch.


    Smarter Coffee Machine  Beat the Heat

                Miami is famous for its year-round heat. Fortunately, there are several home temperature devices that help beat the heat. The energy-efficient Haiku Ceiling Fan minimizes noise and connects to controls via a Smartphone app. Another app helps raise or lower the “Serena Shades” that look trendy keeping the light out.

    As for air conditioning controls, two systems rise above. You can maintain every room in your home with Ecobee, a sleek system that features a touch-screen display. Or use the Nest Learning Thermostat that features a decorative ring and works with the company’s advanced smoke and carbon monoxide detector.


    Setting the MoodPhilips-Hue-Wireless-lighting.

    Miamians can indulge in their love for partying with Philips Hue – a brand dominating the niche mood-lighting market. Control a rainbow of colors via your phone or sync to media and put on an exciting light show at home.

    For an alternative, consider the LIFX Color 1000, which connects to other smart devices like Amazon Echo. Both systems easily help set the tone for the party of the year.


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