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  • Miami : Superyacht Wonderland
    Miami : Superyacht Wonderland

    Miami : Superyacht Wonderland

    Between the luxury shopping, sportscar-inspired condos and Art Basel, Miami is steadily moving up in the world. A new superyacht facility will kick Magic City up another notch, adding more hospitality for the rich and famous. BWA Yachting’s One Island Park Miami Beach on Terminal Island now accepts bookings.

    Sailboats for Billionaires

    A superyacht is the technical term for a really big yacht, with a load line of 24 meters/ 80 feet. (A load line indicates how much weight a ship can hold.) While many are privately owned, they can also be used for commercial purposes. They require a full crew and often feature outrageous amenities like multi-room spas or helicopter decks. BWA Yachting’s facility provides space for yachts up to 200 meters/656 feet. The international company’s services range from itinerary planning and freight handling to on-board entertainment.

    BWA Yachting’s facility offers owners a complete list of concierge services. Additionally, all the on-site berths offer side-to mooring and have a minimum depth of 12 meters, or 40 feet. Owners can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Miami Beach, home to tropical shores and excellent restaurants. It’s also right next to the excitement of South Beach. BWA Yachting zeroed in on Miami both for its beaches and cultural attractions such as Art Basel. An early promotion even included first-choice VIP tickets to the pre-show and other events related to the fair.

    A Yacht Lover’s Paradise

                Believe it or not, there’s more than one superyacht facility in Miami. Island Gardens opened on Biscayne Bay in January 2016. Watson Island’s Deep Harbour marina can now host up to 50 yachts up to 550 feet, but it’s not only about docking. Developer Mehmet Bayraktar of Flagstone Property Group envisioned an extraordinary “marina destination.” The Deck at Island Gardens offers a fine dining experience with gorgeous views of the bay.

    Options run aplenty for the vacationing elite in Miami!

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