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  • Aston Martin unveils luxury miami high rise
    Aston Martin unveils luxury miami high rise

    Miami Saves a Spot for the Makers of 007’s Ride

    James Bond’s preferred carmaker Aston Martin has big plans for Miami. The luxury brand unveiled their first real estate venture – a 66-story residential tower overlooking Biscayne Bay. A new partnership with an established Argentinean developer will turn Aston Martin Residences into reality.

    007-level Luxury

    Aston Martin hopes to expand its brand with an “Art of Living” product line. The sailboat-shaped condo complex at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way will be added in 2021. About 390 units including seven penthouses and a duplex will become available for sale in March 2017. Aston Martin paired with G and G Business Developments, an Argentinean company run by the prominent Coto family. Both entities share similar values of honesty and transparency, while providing customers with one-of-a-kind luxury experiences.

    While the décor will reflect the Aston Martin brand, don’t expect a showroom in the lobby. They’re much better than that. Designs will feature clean lines, quality materials, their trademark understated elegance and familiar Aston Martin colors.

    Some notable elements do carry over directly from the car’s features, however. Fans of the brand can look forward to its unique halo products and signature door handles.

    Buyers can also anticipate a yacht-load of amenities, including access to a private marina. An event room will accompany an infinity pool on the 55th floor. The floor below will host bonuses like a micro cinema and a British lounge. The building even reflects Miami’s art scene with a 52nd floor art gallery.           

    Competition Drives Miami Real Estate Forward

    As Aston Martin breaks ground, Porsche also appeals to millionaires seeking car-inspired condos in Miami. A shiny-new cylindrical building now stands at Sunny Isles Beach.

    60 stories hold 132 units, and 126 have already been sold. The residence offers a wide array of outrageous features, like a concierge that provides regular vehicle maintenance. No matter what other opulent amenities Porsche offers, the most noteworthy is an elevator that lifts the car right into your condo’s private garage. Let’s see how Aston Martin beats that.

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