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  • Miami. Get off my lawn: Hollywood condo sues Pokemon Go creators
    Miami. Get off my lawn: Hollywood condo sues Pokemon Go creators

    Get off my lawn: Hollywood condo sues Pokemon Go creators

    Get off my lawn: Hollywood condo sues Pokemon Go creators

    When Pokémon Go was released earlier this year it caused a bit of a frenzy among avid gamers who wanted to catch em’ all. Buzz around the game has died down somewhat since its initial release; however there are still plenty of kids and adults wandering aimlessly around cities trying to find the virtual creatures.

     Game developer’s Niantic now face law suits from across the globe with many property owners, businesses, and even museums becoming fed up with the game’s huge real world crowds. Legal action may now be taken against Niantic from Florida as a local condominium association in Hollywood has begun legal proceedings.

    These law suits all center around the same problem with Pokémon Go, namely, Pokestops.

    The game uses real world buildings as virtual ‘stops’, allowing players to use their GPS to travel to different locations and collect rewards. Some businesses have been able to take huge advantage of this by enticing gamers in with the promise of Pokémon; however there are many that wish the creatures would just disappear altogether.

    The most recent suit has been filed by the condo association for Villas at Positano at 3501 North Ocean Boulevard. The suit revolves around a 62-unit building being listed as a Pokestop, meaning hundreds and even thousands of players are heading to the villas in search of rare Pokémon.

    The condo association is also seeking damages against the company since, as there are no public bathrooms in the area, some players have been using the nearby landscape to relieve themselves.

    It’s not just Niantic who have their name on the suit; Nintendo and the Pokémon Co also harbour some responsibility as they have financial stakes in the game. The suit is being filed by the law firm Pomerantz, who have already represented two homeowners in similar Pokémon related cases earlier in the year.

    Source & credit picture : Miami New Time & Real Deal

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