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  • Miami unprecedented growth Gross

    Miami Ranks Second on Fastest Growing Cities in America

    Did you know almost 5,400 people move into the Miami metro area each month? Of course, there are the gorgeous beaches, tropical scenery and great weather attracting people. Besides these, Miami’s year-round events calendar, designer condos and international-grade art and culture festivals have also helped put the city in the spotlight.

    Miami growing city


    Miami’s growth in numbers…

    According to a recent report by the United States Census Bureau, Miami gained 12,715 people between July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2016 alone. That’s a 2.9% year-over-year increase in population. This is the biggest increase of the decade for Miami. The city has been posting an increase in population every single year since 2010. The total population of the coastal city is now up to 453,579 residents from 2015’s 440,864. This brings the total increase from the start of the decade to 13.5 percent.

    The Bigger Picture…


    According to the report, Miami is last year’s second fastest growing big city in the U.S. It ranked second out of the country’s 50 most populated cities. Only behind Seattle’s 3.1 percent growth rate, Miami is also now the fourth most densely populated city in America. It ranks just behind San Francisco, Boston, and New York in density.

    The Why behind the Trends

    One of the biggest reasons behind Miami’s consistent growth in population is its ability to embrace cultural diversity. In a city where more than half the population is estimated to be foreign-born, it is easier to blend in. Being the gateway to Latin America, those who desire to spread their businesses southward or have a foothold in the U.S. definitely set up shop here. Miami also recently ranked 12 on the Best Cities for Jobs in the U.S. in Wallet Hub’s 2017 census. No wonder Miami’s such a people magnet




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