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  • North Miami’s Own Chinatown is En-route

    North Miami’s Own Chinatown is En-route

    The area from North Miami’s 119th Street to 135th Street on Seventh Avenue will have a brand-new look in the near future. Due to business and cultural interests, the city hopes to make Chinatown a profitable tourist attraction. North Miami’s real estate has already seen an upswing since the announcement was made last year.

    Chinatown_Promenade_Rendering__FINAL_ (1)
    A Tribute to China Chinatown Pagoda Gazebo

    North Miami officially designated space for Chinatown in February 2016. Renderings were released in June 2017. The hotel above a parking garage, near the southern gateway’s Ming dynasty-era canopy, serves as the main draw. Another standout feature is the proposed pagoda gazebo reminiscent of the Han dynasty, but with a twist of Caribbean colors. The hotel will be surrounded by an open-air park filled with greenery, foot bridges and water features. One gateway will be a Chinese moon gate and the street lights will look like lanterns.

    The attraction also aims to be eco-friendly. An elevated pedestrian walkway will be supported by “Supertrees” instead of metal beams. These tree-shaped vertical gardens will absorb solar power, collect rainwater, and provide shade. Nearby rooftop gardens will aid in storm water management and food cultivation.

    The Community Redevelopment Agency will most likely vote on the final plan in July.

    North Miami Paves Way for Chinatown
    Chinatown Pedestrian Bridge Rendering

    A Positive Step for North Miami

     North Miami could spend up to $5 million on this project, including business grants for those who wish to participate. Plans for Chinatown were formed in response to growing interest from Chinese investors. The American Da Tang Group (a real estate company) and China City Construction have set their sights on Miami.

    American Da Tang Group’s CEO Shan-Jie Li even wrote a letter to North Miami Vice Mayor Alix Desulme, expressing his support of Chinatown. Since North Miami’s announcement in February 2016, property values in the designated area have increased by 8.6 percent.

    The development of Chinatown should help North Miami become a more prominent South Florida attraction.




    Source : All drawings are courtesy of Keith & Schnars, miamicurbed

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