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    Simple Tips to Selling Your Home Fast in Miami

    When selling a home, baking chocolate chip cookies before an open house doesn’t do it anymore. In fact, a study found that odors like the smell of baking cookies distract buyers. You’re better off dropping natural, clean scents into an essential oil diffuser to avoid overpowering visitors. Tips like this and more will give your house an edge when it’s on the market this fall.


    Make Your Home Shine

     Right after you decide to put your home up for sale, you can start the cleaning process. The most common selling advice comes in the form of one word – de-clutter. Put away all the family pictures, your kids’ drawings on the fridge, and the dog’s toys scattered on the floor. Give your house a top-to-bottom deep clean. You want buyers to see themselves living in your house, so it’s important to de-personalize.


    They should also see plenty of storage, which means you can’t stuff everything in the closets. (Buyers will check those.) If you have nowhere to put your stuff, pack items you don’t use every day into a storage unit. A portable unit would be even better since it can move with you.

    However, don’t remove so many items that the house is bare. Another important real estate buzzword is “staging.” This involves arranging furniture, so buyers can visualize how it will be used in the future. You can turn an office back into the original bedroom, flood rooms with light, and paint the walls an inviting, neutral color. If you have the money, update the kitchen (within reason) and address home repairs. You can hire a professional stager or ask a friend to give an opinion.

    It’s equally important to address the exterior of the house, as it will be the buyers’ first impression. Paint the front door, mow the lawn, and clean any debris off the porch. Colorful flowers add a welcoming touch.


    Be Your Home’s Advocate 

    While your real estate agent will use their expertise to sell your home, you can also help the cause. Check comparables in the area and make sure you’re listed on the major websites. As for the list price, starting low brings in buyers faster. You could even end up with a bidding war. Lastly, don’t forget to promote your house across all of your social media pages.




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